The Democratic Leadership committee is starting a campaign against Gerrymandering.  This is the information they provided:


If we don’t END Republican control of the redistricting process soon, we’ll continue to face disappointing election results in the future. But right now, Democrats have our best chance to dismantle the GOP’s rigged maps and finally give the American people a chance at fair elections everywhere. 

National Democrats, including the DLCC’s Advantage 2020 project, just teamed up with President Obama and Eric Holder to launch an all-out attack on Republican gerrymandering.

It’s crucial that we reject the GOP’s unfair maps and elect Democratic majorities in state houses across the country. But we can’t do this without your support, Terri.

We need 20,000 grassroots Democrats to step up and support Advantage 2020 RIGHT NOW. Can you click here to say that you’re ALL IN to end unfair gerrymandering?


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