Rescheduled Election Integrity Town Hall

Saturday, February 19th, Reps. Murphy (94th) and O’Donnell (95th) are having a town hall from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Mehlville High School, Nottelmann Auditorium, 3200 Lemay Ferry Road, 63125. We believe that this is the beginning of the Republican playbook plan to cast doubt on the red states election processes. (Bills attacking voter rights have already been filed in Jeff City and many other states.) The Republican plan is to utilize the states’ election processes to disenfranchise as many voters as possible, and, if that isn’t enough, to recycle The Big Lie in order to steal the 2024 Presidential election

Please attend! We need Democrats in the audience and we want to support Eric Fey, Democratic Director of Elections. We expect you will be given cards to write down any questions. Please do so! Eric and his Republican counterpart, Rick Stream (who is purportedly a fair Republican) are on the panel. Here is the info:

Ann Zimpfer Regarding Education

On January 10th Ann Zimpfer, our candidate for State Rep in the 95th district,  forwarded this letter to us to share.

I am sending info concerning bills that will be presented in the Education Committee tomorrow. I am planning on attending and testifying in opposition to these bills. I will be focusing mainly on 1994 and 1474.  These bills are just another attack on education in the state of Missouri.

The House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee will meet on January 11 and hear bills reflecting issues about school boards and instruction concerning race and history.

HB 1747 (Basye) would establish a process for school board member recall elections.  The bill lists many possible grounds for seeking a recall.  Some of the listed grounds reflect a form of official misconduct while others appear to reflect a disagreement on policy or process.  The bill also allows citizen lawsuits to seek to require school officials to perform actions required by school law.
HB 1474 (Schroer) defines “curriculum implementing critical race theory”, lists specific examples and bans schools and educators from teaching, using, or providing such curriculum or from teaching, affirming, or promoting any of the claims, views, or opinions found in the 1619 Project or the other, targeted curricula.   The bill also enacts an extensive set of provisions regarding parental involvement and mandates parental approval for student participation in extracurricular activities.  

HB 1995 (Richey) creates new requirements regarding the teaching of “controversial or divisive” topics.  The bill creates mechanisms by which parents can object to instruction and materials based on their beliefs and creates an extensive mandate to put all school curriculum and all source materials.  The Association is concerned that the bill would disrupt implementation of local curriculum and instructional planning.


Ann Zimpfer

ODO Holiday Party

Join us December 5th at 6:00 p.m. for our holiday party and bring a friend!

At: Crusoes Restaurant & Crocs Sports Bar
5591 Oakville Shopping Center, St. Louis, MO 63129

The club will provide appetizers.

We ask you bring canned goods for our ongoing Food drive.



WHEN: Thursday, December 9, 2021
TIME: 6:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.

WHERE: Teamsters Local 682
5730 Elizabeth Avenue
St Louis, MO 63110

WHO: Any and all Democrats you know . . . The more the merrier!

Food and drink provided.
Let’s have some fun . . . and gear up for 2022!!

St. Louis County PUBLIC meeting on Redistricting

There will be a PUBLIC meeting of the redistricting committee on

THURSDAY, AUGUST 19. Meeting begins at 5 pm, but please ARRIVE BY 4:30 pm.

Location: County Council Chamber. 41 S. Central Ave., Clayton 63105 (Seating is limited.)

As you have all seen by now, the far-right is making a spectacle at as many governmental board meetings as they can, so Glenn has requested that we get as many Democrats at the meeting as possible to fill up the seats. He sees the Democratic audience as being the antithesis of the far right – by being quiet and respectful. But also, if public comments are allowed, Democrats will be there to speak and our presence will show the committee that we are watching them. Seven Democrats and seven Republicans are on the committee. However, one of the Democratic members cannot be at this meeting, so they will be at a disadvantage Thursday. They have volunteered to do this very difficult job for us and we need to help them in any way we can. We need to show up and support them! 

The meeting will be broken up into three parts: 1) a presentation from the County Planning Department, 2) swearing-in of committee members, and, 3) election of committee leadership. Traditionally, the party of the County Executive holds the Chair position, but that is not certain. The D’s are also proposing that at least three of the committee meetings be public events.

Show up and demonstrate that ‘Missouri Democrats Care!

Your Invited! Join HDCC and NDTC for “How to Tell Your Story of Self”

Join the Missouri House Democrats and NDTC on Tuesday June 29th from 6-7:00pm CT for a free virtual live training on “How to Tell Your Story of Self”. The ability to tell our stories is vital in spreading our message, it both humanizes us and let’s us talk about big issues in a way that feels personal. Whether you’re running for office, working on a campaign, or building your local party’s or organization’s infrastructure, you need to connect with your supporters. We’re here to help!


How to Tell Your Story of Self  June 29th, 2021  6-7:00 pm

Click here to RSVP!

If you are unable to join us on 6/29, but would like to contribute  please click here!

In solidarity,

Alex Johnson


Field Director, HDCC

The Future and Goals of MDP

Subject: PRESS RELEASE: The Future and Goals of MDP


June 9, 2021

The Future and Goals of MDP

KANSAS CITY, MO. – As a state party, we are excited for the potential of the 2022 and 2024 election cycles in Missouri. We welcome the passion not only from staff, but countless community members. The determination exists for the Missouri Democratic Party to thrive in our state and together we can make that happen. That being said, we know we have work to do.

We are taking the unusual step today of releasing a statement from our staff directly to the community. We hear and see your voices and hope to engage you as we rebuild. There has been disappointment about the recent announcement of a signage campaign the Party is starting, requesting input on where to set-up messaging across our state. We assure you; this is only one prong of our 2021/22 and beyond approach.

We hear your calls and are already preparing for deep canvassing and authentic relationship building throughout Missouri. MDP has created a new Missouri Playbook that we will roll-out in the next few weeks. Below we outline some of the strategies included: 

  • We are applying for a grant from the DNC to open regional offices across the state, including in our rural counties. The goal is ten offices, and the DNC grant will help fund creation and staffing. Currently, we have staff in Kansas City, Columbia and St. Louis. 
  • We are fostering relationships with new media outlets, newsletters and rural communications like radio. We are also developing a project to create an MDP podcast focused on rural issues and doing more to support our important Rural Caucus.
  • We are visiting counties across the state already and are excited to get back to successfully and safely canvassing after COVID-19.
  • We will bolster our existing volunteer programs by providing additional training and resources, but also build new volunteer recruitment and training procedures utilized in other parts of the country.
  • We are actively working to recruit candidates who truly understand the needs of Missourians for races up and down the ballot. We are focusing ourselves on serving those candidates in the best way we can.
  • We have hired new staff with diverse skills and experience with successful Democratic caucuses, campaigns and state parties. This will help us pivot in a different direction in canvassing, messaging, and fundraising. They came on staff May 31st.  

As mentioned above, our new Missouri Playbook will include more details on our next steps and outlines our path forward with our base and new voters. We will release our plan in the following weeks.

We welcome further outreach and are happy to share more information if desired. This energy is just what Missouri needs, we just need to be in it together.

Communications Contact:

Bailey Netsch

office: (573) 476-1987