Challenge to Action

The Oakville Democratic Organization is collecting items and funds for Nurses For Newborns.
The group’s 35 nurses help 2,000 new families each year care for their newest members.  They share parenting skills, provide health checks and help outfit the families with everyday things they need.
Among the items needed…
Disposable Diapers (especially size 3 & up)
Baby Wipes and Ointment
Baby Lotion and Shampoo
Formula and Baby Bottles
Nurses For Newborns also collects items for new moms – such as shampoo, lotion and toiletries.  The group also needs money to buy items for new families.
Through the middle of January the Oakville Democrats will be buying things for the families, as well as collecting funds.
The items will be shared with Nurses For Newborns the week of January 17 – in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Day and the inauguration of President Joe Biden.
If you’d like to contribute, please contact to arrange drop off donations or a pickup if necessary or you can send a check.  Please get your donations in by January 17th.

If you make the check to Oakville Democratic Organization, please put in the memo field Nurses for Newborns.  All checks to the club will be combined to publicize the donation to show that Democrats care!  In addition, monetary donations will be used to fill in “gaps” of physical items.

If you prefer to write your check to Nurses for Newborns, please also send to the PO box so we can count  your donation toward our total.

Oakville Democratic Organization
P.O. Box 510271
Saint Louis, MO 63151-0271

Lit Drops for Ann!

From Ann Zimpfer

It’s Lit Drop time! We are looking for volunteers for upcoming lit drops. We have already placed 2,000 pieces of informational literature on doors in the 95th. Please feel free to join us for upcoming lit drop events.

Sat., Aug. 22nd 10-12

Sunday, Aug. 23rd 1-3

Wednesday, Aug. 26th 5:00-7:00

Sat., Aug. 29th 10-12

Sun., Aug. 30th 1-3

Tuesday, Sept. 1st 5-7

You can send me an email at or sign up on our website on the support page/volunteers, in advance, for all of your help!

Ann Zimpfer

Links for 2020 Democratic Candidates

President – Joe Biden Vice President – Kamala Harris

U.S House 2nd District – Jill Schupp

Governor – Nicole Galloway

Secretary of State – Yinka Faleti

Attorney General – Rich Finneran

Treasurer – Vicki Lorenz Englund

State Senate 1st District – Doug Beck

State Representative 94th District – Jean Pretto

State Representative 95th District – Ann L Zimpfer

County Executive – Sam Page

Special meeting of the Oakville Democratic Organization

Due to the virus we have been unable to meet in a safe environment therefore, the Oakville Democratic Organization has decided to host an outdoor meeting on July 21 at Bee Tree Park in the Jack Lower Pavilion starting at 6:30 PM.  At this time we have confirmation of all District 6 candidates for the county council.  Also Jean Pretto and Ann Zimpher running for the State Representative have confirmed. State Senate candidate Doug Beck has also confirmed. State Treasurer candidate Vickie England and congressional candidate Jill Schupp are attempting to work the event into their schedules.  County Executive candidates have been invited with confirmation from Jake Zimmerman.  We have also been sent invitations to State Wide Candidates as well. We are encouraging for everyone to wear face Masks.  Being in the park we will be able to have proper Social distancing and make it as sanitized as possible.  We welcome all members and their friends to attend. Bring your own beverages and lawn chairs just in case!. Hope to see you there!

Meet Ann Zimpfer, Candidate for MO 95th district

We are pleased to announce Ann Zimpfer is our candidate for the 95th district.  She shared this with us to help get to know her!

My name is Ann Zimpfer and I am running for House Representative of the 95th district.  I am running because I strongly believe that we need change in the 95th district.  We need a candidate who truly wants to represent the folks in the 95th district.  

I grew up in Cape Girardeau.  My father taught at Southeast Missouri State University and my mother was President of the League of Women Voters during the 1970s.  I graduated from SEMO with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.  I later completed my Master’s Degree in Education from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar Missouri. 

My husband and I are both involved in Team Activities For Special Kids, TASK.   We have been active since its inception 24 years ago.  Our eldest son was on TASK’s first T-Ball team for children with special needs. TASK has expanded, over the years, to serve over 400 families.   We have served in many capacities with this nonprofit organization.  My husband currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors and I teach cooking and STEM classes.  I have also participated in their week long summer camp for over 15 years.  

Since filing for Representative we have been working on developing our campaign to have a strong plan as we enter this race.  I am excited about this run and the opportunity to be a true representative for the people in Oakville.

Important Updated Meeting and Caucus information

Our next club meeting on April 1st is cancelled. The County Executive has asked all meetings with 20 people in attendance be cancelled. In addition, the Missouri Democratic party has asked that all political meetings be cancelled. The Caucus to be held on April 6 is also cancelled. That caucus will be held within the congressional caucus on May 30. The location for the congressional caucus has not been determined. We will inform of that location when we have it. If you would like to be considered to be a delegate to the national convention you must fill out form MM by May 15 or at the congressional meeting. You can get the form from the Missouri Democratic Party. Any questions regarding the caucus contact Bob Ford or Joan Barry.

2020 Democratic Primary/Caucus Information

The primary will be held on March 10. The new system will print a ballot for each voter, a process which should take about 24 seconds.  All ballots will be ‘fill in the square,’ then feed the ballot into the counting machine. 

The ballot has more than 20 names – including many candidates who have withdrawn and others who are just on Missouri’s ballot.

Democrats are reminded that in order to participate in the caucus they must vote in the March 10 Democratic Presidential Primary.

The Oakville caucus will be held on April 6 at Oakville High School.  Doors will open at 6:00 p.m.  No one will be admitted after the 7:00 p.m. start. The number of delegates to be selected will be conveyed by the party to the club based on the election results.  At the caucus supporters of qualifying candidates will select delegates to the Congressional District meeting. 

At the Congressional meeting some delegates to the national convention (in Milwaukee in July) will be selected.  Others will be selected at the state meeting. 

Delegates to the national convention will be responsible for paying their expenses – around $5,000 – to the national convention.

Primary Voter Information

Wednesday, February 12 is the last day to register in order to vote in the Missouri Presidential Primary on March 10.  If you know someone that needs to register, please share this information.  

In addition, if anyone wants to participate in the Democratic Caucus to select delegates to the convention, they are required to have voted in the Democratic Primary.  

Below is a link for voter registration information in Missouri.

2nd ODO Scholarship Competition

The Oakville Democratic Organization is again offering a Scholarship for two Oakville High School Seniors (one male and one female) for continuing education to attend a post-secondary institution.

To make the contest successful, the Oakville Democratic Organization seek to collect entries to send to the judging coordinator. Click here for a packet for applicants. Packets will also be sent to the principals and counselor department of Oakville High School.

The theme for this year scholarship is The 19th Amendment.  The writing prompt is:

The Nineteenth Amendment, giving women the right to vote, represented a revolutionary change in our constitutional system.

• What was it about the Nineteenth Amendment that constituted such a change?

• Do you believe the addition of the Nineteenth Amendment to our Constitution brought substantial change to American society?

• In your view, what additional changes should occur in our society to fulfill the promise of the Nineteenth Amendment?

Essays must be sent to the judging coordinator and postmarked by Monday, Feb. 10, 2020. Scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $250.00 Two Scholarships will be awarded – one for male student and 1 for a female student.  The contest is open to students in 12th grade from Oakville High School.

For more information on the scholarship contact Thomas S. Bamvakais (314 420-2329)