2nd ODO Scholarship Competition

The Oakville Democratic Organization is again offering a Scholarship for two Oakville High School Seniors (one male and one female) for continuing education to attend a post-secondary institution.

To make the contest successful, the Oakville Democratic Organization seek to collect entries to send to the judging coordinator. Click here for a packet for applicants. Packets will also be sent to the principals and counselor department of Oakville High School.

The theme for this year scholarship is The 19th Amendment.  The writing prompt is:

The Nineteenth Amendment, giving women the right to vote, represented a revolutionary change in our constitutional system.

• What was it about the Nineteenth Amendment that constituted such a change?

• Do you believe the addition of the Nineteenth Amendment to our Constitution brought substantial change to American society?

• In your view, what additional changes should occur in our society to fulfill the promise of the Nineteenth Amendment?

Essays must be sent to the judging coordinator and postmarked by Monday, Feb. 10, 2020. Scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $250.00 Two Scholarships will be awarded – one for male student and 1 for a female student.  The contest is open to students in 12th grade from Oakville High School.

For more information on the scholarship contact Thomas S. Bamvakais (314 420-2329) tbamvakais@charter.net