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June 24, 2024

On the second anniversary of the Trump Supreme Court’s extreme decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, ripping away nearly 50 years of reproductive rights and unleashing extreme abortion bans in states across the country, Missouri Democratic Party Chair Russ Carnahan released the following statement: 

“After the Trump-appointed Supreme Court justices cast the deciding votes to overturn Roe, Missouri was the first state to effectively make every abortion illegal, due to a Republican trigger law on our books. Since that day in June 2022, we have heard countless horrific stories of pregnant women across the country denied lifesaving care and doctors threatened with prosecution for doing their jobs. Instead of working to solve critical issues, including access to affordable and quality healthcare, public education, and improving the safety of our roads and bridges, Missouri Republicans have only continued to attack our right to reproductive healthcare access,” Carnahan said. 

“Over this year’s state legislative session, Republicans have reaffirmed their commitment to cruelty, voting against allowing abortion exceptions in cases of rape or incest and against protecting contraceptives and IVF services. These are deeply private issues around decisions that should be made amongst family and medical professionals, not politicians in Jefferson City. We know the majority of Missouri voters, Democratic, Independent, and Republicans, believe their neighbors should have the fundamental right to make their own, personal medical decisions without cruel interference. This is why Republicans spent this legislative session attacking our right to check their power at the ballot box in response to 380,000 Missourians signing an initiative petition to reinstate abortion rights. Missouri voters will send this message loud and clear to stop these attacks on our most personal freedoms this election season.”


Media Contact: 

Chelsea Rodriguez, Communications Director