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My name is Scott Sifton, and I have a big announcement to share.

I love Missouri. And I can’t sit back and watch our two senators embarrass our state. One of them — Josh Hawley — spent the weeks after the election spewing dangerous conspiracy theories and trying to overturn the will of the people. And on January 6th, he pumped his fist in support of the very people who rioted at the Capitol.

And Senator Roy Blunt was too afraid to stand up to him and speak out.

Personally, I’ve had enough. We have big challenges here in Missouri. We don’t have time for senators more concerned with their own ambition than doing right by our families.

That’s why today I’m announcing my campaign for the United States Senate. Bob, I am asking for your support as we launch this race because Missouri deserves better >>

I know first-hand the challenges facing our working families. Growing up in Kansas City, my dad lost his job and we faced some tough times — we lost our home and even the family minivan. I started waiting tables at age 15 to help out, worked my way through college and then law school, eventually becoming a state legislator to help create opportunity for Missourians.

That kind of experience sticks with you.

I’ve taken on some of the toughest fights in Jefferson City, from going after corruption, defending women’s rights, standing up for equality and protecting Missouri workers.

Missourians deserve better than we are getting from Josh Hawley and Roy Blunt.

I know this race won’t be easy. Republicans have a large, expansive network of corporate and special-interest money at their disposal. We have to send a clear message that Missouri is worth fighting for and that we are capable of so much better than what our current Senators show the nation.

That’s why I’m asking for your help today >>

I look forward to hearing from you. I hope to earn your support as we build a campaign that Missouri can be proud of.

Thank you,

Scott Sifton


Scott Sifton For US Senate

PO Box 191046

St. Louis MO 63119 United States