First Oakville Democrat Organization Scholarship Winners

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019 the First Oakville Democrat Organization Scholarship program awarded two winners, Meredith Bayer and Madison Hassler both of Oakville. 

Seniors from Oakville High School were invited to participate in the scholarship program. Entrants were asked to provide details of grade averages, coursework and intended course of study, colleges applied to/accepted at and other activities such as clubs, community involvement, and extracurricular activities.

left to right: Bob Ford; Denise, Tim, and Meredith Bayer; Madison and Peggy Hassler; Joan Barry

In addition, all entrants were to write an essay. The following essay prompt was provided: “For much of our history, freedoms such as speech and press were seen as fundamental, absolutely essential to effective government, the advancement of society and the enlightenment of individual citizens. Recent months have seen radio personalities deny the occurrence of school shootings, neo-Nazis take to the streets to put forth their racist agenda and the President of the United States denounce the media as “the enemy of the people. In view of developments such as these, is it time to rethink, reconsider and revise the protection offered by the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press?”

Meredith has been trying to decide between attending either Maryville University or Truman State University in the area of Actuarial Science, a career of mathematics — primary statistics.  Meredith is the daughter of Denise and Tim Bayer.

Meredith’s honors include AP Scholar with Distinction, National Merit Commended Scholar, Outstanding Academic Achievement — Oakville High School, Honorable Recognition National Spanish Exam, National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society2018, Academic Bowl 2018 (6th highest point scorer) and Recipient for Missouri Scholars 100. Meredith is also a private tutor to several middle school students as well as a mentor for two fourth grade students. Since November 2016, she has been a Student Election Judge for the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners.

Meredith participates in the Flute Choir, Key Club, Oakville High Marching Band, Oakville Pep Band and Oakville Wind Symphony. Meredith has a GPA of 4.41.

Madison Hassler has applied to University of Missouri at Kansas City for a 6-year BA in the Medicine Program and is awaiting her acceptance. In addition, if not selected, she has applied and has been accepted to the MIZZOU Honor’s Pre-Med Program with an undergrad major in Biomedical Engineering.

Madison Hassler is the daughter of Peggy and William Hassler of Oakville. Madison’s honors include The President’s Volunteer Service Award, Honorable Mention — The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, Key Club, Mehlville School District and Missouri State Music Festival Award (Exemplary), Honors Orchestra — St. Louis Suburban Music Educators Association.