St. Louis County PUBLIC meeting on Redistricting

There will be a PUBLIC meeting of the redistricting committee on

THURSDAY, AUGUST 19. Meeting begins at 5 pm, but please ARRIVE BY 4:30 pm.

Location: County Council Chamber. 41 S. Central Ave., Clayton 63105 (Seating is limited.)

As you have all seen by now, the far-right is making a spectacle at as many governmental board meetings as they can, so Glenn has requested that we get as many Democrats at the meeting as possible to fill up the seats. He sees the Democratic audience as being the antithesis of the far right – by being quiet and respectful. But also, if public comments are allowed, Democrats will be there to speak and our presence will show the committee that we are watching them. Seven Democrats and seven Republicans are on the committee. However, one of the Democratic members cannot be at this meeting, so they will be at a disadvantage Thursday. They have volunteered to do this very difficult job for us and we need to help them in any way we can. We need to show up and support them! 

The meeting will be broken up into three parts: 1) a presentation from the County Planning Department, 2) swearing-in of committee members, and, 3) election of committee leadership. Traditionally, the party of the County Executive holds the Chair position, but that is not certain. The D’s are also proposing that at least three of the committee meetings be public events.

Show up and demonstrate that ‘Missouri Democrats Care!