Special meeting of the Oakville Democratic Organization

Due to the virus we have been unable to meet in a safe environment therefore, the Oakville Democratic Organization has decided to host an outdoor meeting on July 21 at Bee Tree Park in the Jack Lower Pavilion starting at 6:30 PM.  At this time we have confirmation of all District 6 candidates for the county council.  Also Jean Pretto and Ann Zimpher running for the State Representative have confirmed. State Senate candidate Doug Beck has also confirmed. State Treasurer candidate Vickie England and congressional candidate Jill Schupp are attempting to work the event into their schedules.  County Executive candidates have been invited with confirmation from Jake Zimmerman.  We have also been sent invitations to State Wide Candidates as well. We are encouraging for everyone to wear face Masks.  Being in the park we will be able to have proper Social distancing and make it as sanitized as possible.  We welcome all members and their friends to attend. Bring your own beverages and lawn chairs just in case!. Hope to see you there!